The foundation

Filmstaden Kultur was founded in 2002. Its aim is to strengthen the cultural heritage and future development of Gamla Filmstaden.

The foundation has developed a guided tour operation, pedagogical film activities for students and children in Solna, a stage, events and a close collaboration with businesses and cultural workers in Filmstaden.

The foundation owns part of Film Region Stockholm-Mälardalen. Maintaining the historical cinematic environment and spreading knowledge of its history is very important for both the foundation and its president, the Town of Solna.
The foundation hosts events and lectures, arranges exhibitions and innovative activities for children and students.

The board members:
Anders Ekegren (Liberal Party), chairman
Bo Tengberg (Swedish Social Democratic Party)
Stig Davidsson, HSB

Catti Edfelt, film maker, deputy member
Ola Håkansson (Green Party), deputy member
Johan Carlén, Skanska, deputy member
Mikaela Kindblom, film historian, deputy member

The board’s continuous co-opted posts:
Anders Offerlind, Board Secretary and Executive Director of Solna
Caroline Strand, Marketing Manager of Solna
Roger Markdalen, Head of Culture and Leisure Administration of Solna